Republicans Enjoy Chirstmas Break


2 responses to “Republicans Enjoy Chirstmas Break

  1. I take a bit of a harsh view of Christmas and the government. That is, unless a politician claims to be a Christian or is one, not a one of them in Congress-or the president, for that matter-should be allowed to take time off for a holiday that means nothing of what it used to: The birth of Christ. And, seeing is how most in government are anything but Christian, and believe in nothing of Jesus, they therefore should not be allowed to have this time off for a religious holiday they are only too willing to turn into something perverted or materialistic. The only consolation is that, with Congress and the President being off ”for the holidays”, it means they are not further spending us into oblivion, or shredding what is left of our Constitution and Bill Of Rights while they are away.

    • i understand what you are saying. however, there are colleges all over the nation that will be closed during
      “christmas”. jewish students, muslim students et. they could just say the holdiay break because holiday is more used than anything else.

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