One response to “THE LAST RIDE

  1. 1SG Parker, US Army Retired

    The Last Ride… It seems that we cannot stop the flow of Americans taking “The Last Ride.” Our illustrious leaders who wear civvies and call themselves politicians, bureaucrats, and ambassadors seem to have an endless need for men and women of Honor, Dedication, Training, and Gumption. America trains her Warriors and misuses them as Policemen all over the globe.

    Yet, we are there to stand watch. We have always been there with rifle in hand. Most Americans appreciate our efforts and blood. But you and I know what they do not. We know first hand precisely what must be invested to maintain America. We invest our youth, our productive years, our minds, and often, our very lives. When I see a picture like the one above my eyes begin to water. Not simply in sadness but with pride.

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